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Member Spotlight- Daryl Smith

I am currently the Chief Operations Officer at Wasatch Pediatrics, a single specialty group of 50 physicians in the Salt Lake City area.  I have worked in healthcare management for 26 years in several cities across the US, the last 17 years in Utah.  I am a strong believer of the value of MGMA, both locally and nationally.  Although I am not currently serving, I have volunteered in many different capacities including on the UMGMA Board and the MGMA Western Section Executive Committee (before it was terminated).  I have had the wonderful opportunity to work closely with many wonderful people throughout my career.  I have especially appreciated the relationships I’ve been able to develop with those who mentored me and those I’ve had the opportunity to mentor.  I love attending the UMGMA and national MGMA conferences and re-connecting.  I have received enormous assistance with problems I’ve faced from others who have been willing to share their experiences and knowledge.  I am very grateful for their assistance and one of my greatest desires is to be able to give some of that back to others.

On the personal side, I have more hobbies and interests than I could possibly keep up with.  Some of my biggest ones are music (playing the piano and organ), gardening, playing games with my family, reading, hiking, skiing (both Downhill and Nordic), and running.  I used to love dancing and SCUBA Diving too, but haven’t had the time nor the money to keep those interests up.  I’ve included two photos of my family’s gardens this year.  We keep a small one in our backyard and also have the privilege of keeping a larger (40’ x 60’) plot at a nearby community garden.  If anyone has any tips or techniques you’d like to share, I’d love to swap ideas!  My wife and I have three boys.  One is married with our only grandchild, one contemplating marriage, and one still in High School.  I am not quite sure what we’ll do when he graduates.  Our biggest challenge currently is caring for aging parents.  My father passed away at the end of May, but my mother currently has a lot of healthcare issues as well as my wife’s parents who are both still living.  Please feel free to introduce yourself at UMGMA meetings or conferences.  I’d love to meet you.


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