Associate UMGMA Membership

The Utah Medical Group Management Association would like to invite you to participate in the Associate Membership Program!

Who qualifies as an "Associate UMGMA Member"?

  • An associate member is an individual who has a Utah presence by working in an ancillary or supporting capacity to Utah-based medical practice operations. This includes billing, contracting, marketing, provider relations, consulting, insurance, etc. An associate member may serve as directed by the Executive Committee, but may not vote or be eligible to serve as an Association Officer.

Benefits of becoming an Associate UMGMA Member

  • Associate Membership sets your organization apart.  It shows our members your commitment to their education, training and the growth of the UMGMA.  You will be invited and encouraged to attend our luncheons, educational sessions and conferences.  You will receive member emails and "The Summit" our E-newsletter sent four times per year.  As an Associate Member you are partnering with the leading group of Medical Practice Professionals in the State of Utah. Our members are the driving force for decisions and change in the medical practices they manage.  We invite you to maximize your presence by promoting your organization throughout the entire year as one of our Associate Members. 
Associate Membership Fees
  • $200.00 Annual Membership Fee
  • $250.00 Annual LATE Membership Fee (March 1st or after)
Associate UMGMA Membership Contract

All registering Associate UMGMA Members MUST review and complete in the following UMGMA Associate Membership Contract and signed Code of Ethics.  An Associate UMGMA Membership Contract will be completed when you register as an Associate UMGMA Member.  The information below is for informational purposes.  

Associate UMGMA Membership Contract

__________________________ (will be referred to as Applicant) applies for membership in The Utah Medical Group Management Association (referred to as UMGMA) as an Associate Member. Applicant understands that this application is subject to acceptance and approval by the UMGMA Executive Board. Applicant understands that membership as an Associate does not include participation in the UMGMA email forum, business meeting, voting rights or the right to hold a Committee or Board position within the UMGMA. Applicant also understands that annual dues for Associate members are $200.00 ($250.00 for late registration) to be paid in full at time of application. By signing, applicant agrees to pay annual dues and abide by the guidelines set forth in the UMGMA Code of Ethics (below), this contract and the UMGMA Bylaws. Upon acceptance, this application shall become a binding agreement between Applicant and UMGMA.

CODE OF ETHICS ~ Associate Members

1) Associate Members who also sell products or services shall not utilize information obtained at UMGMA functions such as meetings, workshops or seminars for their personal financial gain, including the solicitation of such products or services at any time during UMGMA functions        except when acting in the capacity of exhibitor or in the normal course of membership.

2) Associate Members shall direct their activities to the mission, goals and objectives of UMGMA, which are to elevate through education the competence, standards and knowledge of all members.

3) Associate Members shall not misuse information disseminated in UMGMA publications, meetings, workshops, seminars or other UMGMA functions. Misuse of information includes representing UMGMA information to other persons as having been authored or originated from any person or organization other than UMGMA.

4) Associate Members shall not disparage the work or conduct of other members but shall report unprofessional and or unethical conduct to the UMGMA Executive Board.

5) Associate Members shall conduct themselves in a professional manner, maintaining a high personal standard of professional integrity and ethics.

6) The UMGMA Executive Board has the right to cancel this contract and the membership of the Applicant at anytime, for any reason.


Advertising Opportunities

e-Newsletter - "The Summit" is UMGMA's premier newsletter electronically sent to all of our members quarterly and posted for review on the UMGMA website.  

Color advertisements may be placed in our newsletter. Advertisements include hotlinks to your corporate website.

1/4 page - $250.00

1/2 page - $400.00

Full page - $750.00

Website advertising on the UMGMA homepage side banner

Name and Logo - $200.00


Name, logo and link - $350.00

Please contact Michelle Hobbs at the UMGMA office for other sponsorship opportunities and advertising at or by calling 801-944-8646.