ACMPE - The American College of Medical Practice Executives

Established in 1956, the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE) is the standard-setting and certification body of the Medical Group Management Association. ACMPE offers board certification and Fellowship in medical practice management. ACMPE board certified professionals and fellows are leading many of the nation's best-performing medical practices. Participating in the American College of Medical Practice Executives: 

  • Enhances your professional status by earning a nationally recognized professional designation
  • Increases professional respect from physicians, peers and colleagues
  • Provides a distinct advantage over other candidates when seeking employment and promotions
  • Expands your network of medical practice executives who have chosen to excel in the profession

ACMPE - Board Certification

Of the 22,600 members of MGMA-ACMPE that manage and lead over 13,600 organizations and support over 280,000 physicians, 2,465 have demonstrated their professional standing by earning the designation of Certified Medical Practice Executive. Certification is earned by documenting two years of healthcare management experience (including at least six months in a supervisory position), passing a comprehensive set of certification exams, and completing fifty hours of continuing education credits. The board certification exams assess your: 

  • Knowledge and understanding of the broad scope of medical practice management principles and issues
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Ability to communicate in writing

Start your journey towards certification by checking out the MGMA-ACMPE certification webpage.

ACMPE - Fellowship

Once you achieve ACMPE board certification, you are eligible to become a Fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives (FACMPE). Join your colleagues as a medical practice management thought leader by sharing your expertise and insights by making a contribution to the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management.


The Utah Medical Group Management Association encourages its members to pursue certification and fellowship. Conferences and educational meetings are offered throughout the year to provide continuing education credits. Certification advancement and preparation seminars are offered at the annual UMGMA spring conference. UMGMA has volunteer certified members who are willing to offer advice and mentoring, UMGMA periodically offers local study groups for its members to study together in preparation for the exams. UMGMA also has a lending library of ACMPE certification related materials. To plug in to these UMGMA services contact the UMGMA-ACMPE Forum Representative or visit the UMGMA-ACMPE Resource webpage.